FAQ: Communication Using Global Caché Serial Ports


What is the command structure for Global Caché Serial (RS232) Ports?


There is no GC-100 command structure for serial data. Serial data is sent to the GC-100 or iTach IP address on PORT# 4999 for the first serial connector and PORT# 5000 for the second serial connector, when two are provided on the GC-100.

All data sent to the PORT# will go out its respective serial connector unaltered. Any returned data to the serial connector will be sent back unaltered over the network back to the PC application. It is analogous to having a serial connector anywhere on the network.

The GCScan utility, on the support web site, may be used to transmit serial data. Download the application, run it on a PC connected to your network and input the GC-100 IP address and set the PORT# to 4999. Type in the characters and press "Connect" to transmit to the serial connector.

Only data required to control the equipment (connected to the serial connector) is transmitted. This data can be any hex code.

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