FAQ: Communication Using Global Caché Serial Ports


What is the command structure for Global Caché Serial (RS232) Ports?


There is no command structure for serial data. Serial data should be sent directly to TCP port 4999. Data sent to this port will go directly out on the serial port, and data received by the RS232 connector will come back on this TCP connection.  On units that have two serial connectors, TCP port 5000 should be used for communicating with the seconds serial port.

All data sent to the PORT# will go out its respective serial connector unaltered. Any returned data to the serial connector will be sent back unaltered over the network back to the PC application. It is analogous to having a serial connector anywhere on the network.

The iTest utility, on the support web site, may be used to transmit serial data. Please see the following forum post for information about how to send serial data via iTest:


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