FAQ: How can I interface with your products if I write my own software?


How can I interface with your devices if I write my own software?


Global Caché is focused on open system hardware.  We do not write our own control software, so we rely on programmers and developers like you to make integration of our products possible.  To do this we publish APIs for all of our products.

A list of product families and their available APIs is provided below.

Product Family APIs available
Global Connect TCP, HTTP (RESTful)
iTach Flex TCP, HTTP (RESTful)
iTach TCP
GC-100 TCP
GC-IRL/GC-IRE RS232 Serial

For all of our device's APIs please visit our Downloads Page.

If your software will be commercially available we highly suggest getting in contact with our sales team at  We have various ways which we partner with software providers as well as co-promotional opportunities. 

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