FAQ: Using the GC-IRE IR Extender and GC-CXG Converter


I need to connect between my PC and Xantech connecting block over a distance of 75ft, is this possible with your products? If so can you tell me what  extension cables I should use, how to connect them and how much this would  cost?  Also, does your product interface with Girder or Eventghost software?



Our GC-100 will transmit IR signals from a network connection (a PC).   The GC-CGX cable allows our GC-100 IR outputs to connect to the  Xantech (or Xantech compatible) world for IR transmissions. The GC-CXG cable (not CGX) with the GC-IRE works in the opposite  direction. The GC-CXG cable takes IR signals from the Xantech distribution block to the GC-IRE. The GC-IRE digitize the signal and  sends it out serially (RS232). The serial information can then be sent over the network to the PC. Note:  IR signals will vary each time they are captured. The frequency and number of pulses will vary slightly. The software must allow for this for proper recognition. Be sure the software application works with IR inputs. You will have to check with these companys directly for their capabilities.

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