IP2IR Telnet, how to disconnect?

I am successfully using plink.exe to send IR commands from Windows to the IP2IR box.  The problem is there doesn't seem to be any "disconnect" command, commonly you can disconnect from other telnet things like routers and firewalls by issuing the command "quit" or sometimes "logout" but IP2IR doesn't recognize these.

Today, I have to wait 2 seconds after the last command then pskill plink.exe, cause otherwise the connection is forever left open.  There has to be a better way...

How to have IP2IR end the connection?


For other's trying to do the same thing, here is my batch...

C:\plink\plink.exe -telnet -P 4998 -batch 192.168.x.x < C:\ip2ir\%1.txt

Where 192.168.x.x is the IP of your IP2IR box
Where %1 is the name of the IR code file you want to send
Where C:\ip2ir\ is a folder full of text files, each containing a "sendir," string on one line, or one string on each line to send a series of commands

Then, currently, you must run "pskill plink.exe" to end the connection :-(


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