Tech Tip: GC-100 Works Well in Wireless and Wired Networks

How Global Caché Works Within A Partially Wireless Environment


There are basically two types of networks: wired and wireless. Wired networks have been in use for many years and communicate through data cables, usually Ethernet cable or Cat 5 wiring. Wireless networks are relatively new and communicate using radio waves.

Wireless networking has gained in popularity in recent years with better reliability, performance and lower prices helping to drive its rapid growth. Using a device almost anywhere without wires can be very convenient.

Wired networking provides its own advantages with lower prices, faster speeds, and the ability to move large amounts of data. Some argue that wireless networks offer better reliability and security.

Whether to use wired versus wireless is not always the question to ask. In many cases a combination of wired and wireless can be the best solution.

Global Caché’s GC-100 Network Adapter works well in both wired and wireless environments. Following is a diagram illustrating a common networked environment using both wired and wireless technology:



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