Utilities Updated, Unreliable learning issues fixed in iLearn 2.7

We've released new versions of our iLearn, iTest, and iConvert utility software:

iLearn 2.7 fixes the issues seen in versions 2.5 and 2.6, where attempting to learn codes could result in unpredictable or lost results.  The interface has also been restructured.

iConvert 3.3 introduces the ability to convert to and from GC Compressed format codes, as well as the GC and Hex formats it has previously supported

iTest 1.3 has been cleaned up a bit, but is generally functionally unchanged.

All of these are now built on Microsoft .Net 4.0, upgraded from .Net 2.0.  On some systems, you may need to update .Net, as a result.


For more details, see the full release notes:  iLearn release notesiConvert release notesiTest release notes.


Please feel free to send any feedback, suggestions or issues to:

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