QSC Qsys Control Tower IR database plugin directions

QSC has created and maintains two plugins to allow Global Caché devices.

The primary Global Caché plugin allows Qsys controllers to send Qsys formatted JSON commands to be sent from the local database to GC devices on the network. 

The Control Tower plugin allows GC formatted commands to be imported and converted to Qsys JSON for use with the primary GC plugin with one of 3 methods:

1) A direct API connection to the Control Tower database. Individual user accounts are not necessary

2) Codes learned through the GC iLearn utility

3) Codes sent from the Control Tower IR website via email. 

Attached is a Word document that has detailed instructions on using this utility.

This document was generated by a 3rd party. If there are corrections or suggestions needed, please leave them in the comments below.


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    Brian Kerth

    Some more helpful instructions from another user:

    1. Copied and pasted all the Command names and HEX Commands into a separate .txt file. 
    2. Re-formatted each line of text so it read like this: "[command name]" followed by tab then the HEX code for that command, then a new line.
    3. Opened the GC Control Tower plugin, went to the "Import" tab. Under the "Codeset Import" section, I set the "Format" to HEX.
    4. Copied the newly formatted .txt file into the Codeset Text area and hit "Parse Codeset Data".
    5. Had to manually fill in the Codeset name, Manufacturer, and Device Type.
    6. Added the codeset to the Local IR Database, and from there it's the same as if you had just downloaded a JSON IR file from the Control Tower's database.
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