Developer's guide to iTach IP2IR ?


I currently do IR control through Universal Remote MX-3000 device (with a wireless backend connected to an IR emitter).  As this device is now discontinued I am hoping to move all my programming to a Windows device and use an iTach IP2IR as my blaster.

What would be some options on how to actually accomplish this transition?  Is there an equivalent of the MX-3000 editor (ideally in the public domain) that has macro capabilities?  I would also need a solution that allows for programmatic (ie. REST) control, as IR codes would be initiated via touch-screen or eye-gaze selection.

My son has a Tobii I12 eye tracker, and I am able to cause a Windows CLI command to execute when he gazes at a particular tile (ie. watch digital cable box), so I'm looking to have that command execute a macro that will cause the multiple required IR commands to be sent.




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