won't connect to network

I have been using my little itach wi-fi with no problem since may.  It lost connection in the middle of being used and now I can't connect it to my router anymore even after reconfiguring.  I have no problem getting to the configuration web page using ad-hoc.  I then set it to use my home wifi with password.  It goes all the way through the countdown.  

Then it doesn't log in to my router.  The router remembers the MAC address but says it is inactive.  When I do a port scan on my entire net the MAC doesn't show up on any ip address. The LED on the side opposite the button continues to blink forever.  Is this a signal that it can't log in to the wifi?

I can't imagine any hardware failure that would work with the ad-hoc and then not log in properly, especially since it was in the middle of being used when it died.

What should I do?  Is it still in warranty after 7 months?

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