Problem sending RS232 commands

I have an iTach Flex IP ethernet version, and it's hooked up to home audio amp. I'm trying to send a basic command to turn a zone off and on. When I send the command via the iTest app, it works great. When I send the command using the example Swift code, it never works.

The command is this: <16PR01

When I use the iTest app, it converts it to this hex code: 3C 31 35 50 52 30 30 0D 0A 23 0D

When I use the swift code with the iTest app open, I can see the response, and it's converting the command to 3C 31 35 50 52 30 30 0D

I'm not sure where those last 3 hex values are coming from, but it seems to be required for this to work. any idea what is going on in the background?


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