iLearn issues with iTach Flex IP

Just purchased a new iTach Flex IP.  First - this does not seem to be a well supported device as all of the manuals refer to the iTach.  Be that as it may, I'm using it to learn codes for an old Delphi XM Skyfi receiver.  iLearn will only receive codes from the remote sporadically.  It also crashes after about 3 or 4 code reads (I'm running Windows 8.1).  Finally when it does read a code properly, and I hit the Send IR button, it will toggle the device only once.  I can't scan channels or enter channel numbers.I have to wait a while or reset the device to get it to accept another command.

Here's an example of a "working" code:

[CHANNEL UP] sendir,1:1,1,39900,1,1,65,35,32,70,32,35,64,70,32,35,64,70,64,36,32,36,32,36,32,3565,64,35,32,70,32,35,64,70,32,35,64,70,64,36,32,36,32,36,32,3565,64,35,32,70,32,35,64,70,32,35,64,70,64,36,32,36,32,36,32,3900

Is this a hardware issue with the iTach Flex or a software issue with iLearn (or both?).

If I can't resolve this I'm very tempted to send this back and just get an older IR2IP as that seems like a more stable device.


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