Flex IP with new Relay/Sensor Cable

I'm looking at the new Flex Link Relay and Sensor Cable and wondering whether anyone can advise on using this in the scenario below and what would be the best way to do it. I have an alarm system which, when activated, closes a set of volt free contacts which can be used as an input to other devices. Currently I utilise this as an input to my lighting system so that all lights switch on when the alarm activates/triggers. I have always wanted to utilise this output from the alarm to also activate a track to play on the SONOS system. The idea being when the alarm is triggered a specific track can be played through one or more SONOS zones. This new link cable and the flex IP would certainly take the alarm output as an input but I'm struggling to find a way to utilise this to then control SONOS. I currently use Roomie for many of my control functions but this doesn't currently support triggers unless the app is running or on a timed event, as far as I'm aware. I also have a Synology NAS running which contains all the tracks which the SONOS uses as its library and I was wondering whether this was an option for control with some sort of script running in the background? Anyone have any clever ideas of how to achieve this simply??


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