iTach Flex iRule and Apple TV

I have just spent 4 hours trying to get an Apple TV working with an iTach Flex Wifi with (tri port IR) cable as supplied by Global Cache.

It just wouldn’t work, I am using Apple TV Database Codes, which I use all the time.
The only combination I could get working was the iTach Flex with a Tri Port Cable (No IR) with a Blaster or IR Emitter from the old iTach Wifi Devices.
Even with this the commands are lethargic and the iFlex Wifi at one stage both lights were on all the time and I had to power cycle the unit.
Any ideas, feed back, I have sent this to Global Cache as well. Firmware version 10 for the iFlex.
Its almost like the IR emitter have a frequency issue. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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