Itach Flex Wifi and Ethernet

Does anyone else experience this problem, Support cannot verify my issue. If you take one of these units out of the box and send iRule type commands to it by default they do not work. you have to go into the device's web page tick Single IR Emitter YES, Save. You then have to go back single IR Emitter and choose single IR EMITTER NO, Save, otherwise the commands will not be interpreted as a 3 single IR unit. Another point that makes me think it's the global cache units is if you plug a 3 wire IR into these units by default the Blue Port 3 IR is flashing continuously , even though the default for the software is SINGLE IR BLASTER NO, BLASTER ON PORT 3 NO. It is so hard to get messages across at times to manufacturers why doesn't someone just pick up the phone, EVERY INSTALL WE DO WE HAVE TO REMEMBER TO DO THE ABOVE WITH EVERY DEVICE OTHERWISE THEY WILL NOT WORK, perhaps it's just the 100 I have purchased?


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