Problems setting up iTach Flex Wi-fi

Received my new Flex, and initially it did appear among the available wi-fi devices. I selected it, then accessed it via my browser. I directed it to join my wi-fi network, and the resulting page said reconfiguration would take about a minute. At that point, a countdown began.

Well, the countdown got stuck at 18 seconds remaining. After waiting an additional 2-3 minutes, I rejoined my network with my computer, then fired up Roomie remote, but the Flex does not appear in Roomie.

I have reset the Flex 4 times, but it doesn’t appear, either in Roomie or in the list of available wi-fi devices (as it did when I first plugged it in).

I have power-cycled it a few times. No change.

Your web site says there’s new firmware, but inexplicably you only provide Windows versions of it. You provide a link to a 3rd-party enthusiast who makes Mac versions of the software, but there is no mention of the new firmware, nor any new versions of iHelp, etc.

The available Mac version of iHelp does not presently see the Flex (but it sees my other iTach (non-Flex) wi-fi unit, which was configured a few months ago).

There is no how-to documentation for the Flex on your web site. In another thread, a globalcache representative told a user it’s being updated and will be reposted at sometime in the future.

My brand-new Flex is not working properly, and Ive exhausted every known avenue. I'm at a complete loss.


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