Dumb Question - Emitter, Blaster

Im sorry if this has been asked before but im not clear on the concepts

I have an itach WF2IR that came with 3 IR Emitters and 1 Blaster.    On my setup i want to control:

1 - Non Smart LG TV

1 - Yamaha Receiver RX-V465

1 - Element i4 Android Box

1 - Motorola Cable TV Box

1 - Split Air Conditioner



A).... A blaster connected to port 3 pointing directly to all the devices (Except the A/C) should be enough to control them all??

B) If i connect the IR Emitter on port 1 or 2 poiting to the A/C, will i be able to control it?  (Im not really sure how these emitters works?)




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