Global Cache and Indigo 5 Home Automation software for OS X

While Global Cache is certainly the leader in IR control and can be found throughout most PC-based home automation setups it seems yet to have taken a major leap in the Mac-based market. There are hundreds of options for iPhone/iPod specific IR control of A/V equipment, all of which extend functionality of Global Devices to just those devices. However there is only one true forerunner in Mac Home Automation software which incorporates all aspects of home control (HVAC, irrigation, lighting, security, remote access, etc) and that is Perceptive Automation's Indigo 5.0. The power of this software is amazing, giving you complete control over nearly every aspect you could wish for when setting up your system, all with the ease and intuitive design expected from Mac software.

The only thing lacking from this amazing program is complete IR communication for A/V control but with the latest release of Indigo 5.0 the developers have opened the gates for Global Cache to step in and quickly support the huge customer base with custom device plugins. The issue arises in that we (the users of Indigo) are unable to create this much-needed plugin without your help, and while our knowledge base includes some very savvy Python coders we have yet to crack this nut. I can only speak for myself and the handful of other users I talk with on the forums but I guarantee that the support of Global Cache in helping design such a quick and easy plugin for the Mac-leader in home automation software would virtually ensure that we use your products in the future for our A/V needs.

I've had a GC-100 for years now and have been nothing less than impressed, my only regret was when switching over to Indigo for my home automation software of choice it wasn't already supported. I'm hoping to rectify this issue and help other users come to the same conclusion that I've already reached: nothing beats Global Cache when it comes to IR control. For more information on plugin development for Indigo please visit


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