FAQ: How do I reset my iTach?

How do I perform a factory reset on my iTach? This applies to all models of the iTach - IP2IR, WF2IR, IP2SL, WF2SL, IP2CC, and WF2CC.

A factory reset on an iTach will default all settings to the original factory state. This is useful in several cases:

1) For Wifi (WF2XX) units, this will put the unit into Adhoc mode. Adhoc is the initial configuration state that is necessary to connect to the device via a direct Wifi connection, with a default IP of Once connected with a compatible device, the iTach can be configured for a local SSID via DHCP or Static IP addressing. Once the configuration has been changed to Infrastructure, and the network settings have been entered and saved, it will leave Adhoc network and attempt to connect to the entered network.

2) For Wired/Ethernet (IP2XX) units, this will place the unit back into default mode, which automatically enables DHCP. When the unit is connected via ethernet to a router, it will pull an IP address from the router DHCP server. Once the IP address is known, either via iHelp or a network monitoring tool, the user can navigate to the web page by typing the IP address into a web browser.

3) If ENABLE LOCK has been checked on the unit, configuration changes cannot be made. Resetting the unit to default will allow a new configuration.

4) If AUTHENTICATION has been enabled, the unit will require a username and password to access configuration. If that password is not known, a reset will default the device, removing the authentication requirement.


To perform a factory reset, you will need a small metal pin, such as a paperclip.

-With the unit powered ON, gently insert the metal pin in the small metal hole located just to the bottom and right of the power cord input of the iTach. 

-It is NOT a button.

-You will need to touch the two metal lead that are just inside the hole. If you do not make contact at first, wiggle the metal pin around just a bit until contact is made.

-Once contact has been made, the iTach LED's will turn off, and then back on, blinking briefly. This indicates that reset has been completed and you may remove the pin.

-Note: The reset hole also contains the learning diode for IR Learning. If you push the metal pin in too far, you may damage the unit, voiding your warranty

Attached is a demonstration video of a reset on an iTach IP2IR.




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