Newbie setup!

so I bought iRule basic and a GC iTach Wifi2IR - now I have no idea what to do next! I have a cabinet with 6 things needing to be controlled and a Samsung TV the other side of the room, which I think will need to be controlled by the blaster. The problem I have is I have 2 slots on the WF2IR to control the 6 items in th cabinter? How do I do that? Can I daisy chain emitters? Or can I buy daisychains? Or can I make my own? Does anyone know if I can use my Yamaha RX573 to switch on and off my TV using its HDMI control? The equipment I have is: Samsung E8000 65" TV Samsung BD Player Yamaha RXV 573 Apple TV 3 LG DVD player. Rogers CISCO 8350HD cable STB Cheers in advance, Jim


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