iLearn - Not Responding

Just started getting into learning IR codes on the iTach WF2IR using iLearn. To say it has been a frustration experience is an understatement. When iLearn is not in Not Responding mode which requires the application to be closed it takes sometimes 10 to 20 attempts to successfully get a code that works.. I have used RTI IR reader in the past without issue. I have got controlled lighting ensuring that there is no or very little IR flooding the iTach sensor. Pretty much can never get the same code read twice. Taking over 10 minutes to eventually hit a learnt code that works! It is a toss up whether the continual iLearn lock up or the flaky code reading is more frustrating. Over 10 lock ups and 5 learned verified codes in the first hour! Basically it is not useable..... I am running Windows 7 From doing the tutorial my understanding is I do not have to set anything up? Ian PS the blaster supplied doesn't work. I assume I should be able to plug this into the connector port selected in iLearn? I can locate the blaster emitter right next to the device IR receiver and nothing? I believe the blaster is faulty.


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