I think my Mitsubishi need is simple, but I'm lost in iLearn!

I have a Mitsubishi WD-73838 TV and I'm building some controls in Indigo 6, which is a Mac-based home automation software package. I've downloaded the GC IR database for the Mits, but it's missing a code I really need, which is to select BLUETOOTH as the TV's input. Since I can't find this code anywhere, and since there is no button on the TV's factory remote to directly select the Bluetooth input, I decided to craft a workaround:

If I can pop up the INPUT menu (for which there is a direct button on the TV's factory remote), I can use available commands to navigate to the Bluetooth input. No matter how many times I use iLearn to capture the IR code from the TV's factory remote, I can't get Indigo to use the resulting codes to pop up the TV's input menu. (I can build an action around the codes, but the action doesn't work. Every action I build using codes from the GC IR database works like a charm.)

My guess is that I'm not properly configuring the various settings in iLearn to properly generate the needed (hex) code sequence. I understand from the iLearn tutorial to set the Module to 0 and the Connector to 2 (the IR port on my WiFi2IR that controls the TV), but beyond that I have NO clue what the settings should be. Gaps, pulses, separation, I'm lost.

Can anyone help?

Huge thanks in advance!


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