IR LED For Blaster Output On WF2IR

My IR Blaster that came with the WF2IR unit stopped working.  I temporarily am using a 5mm LED from an old remote.  It works but sometimes misses and is very sensitive to aiming.  Therefore, I am looking for something more powerful.  Has anyone tried using something like this...


My Equipment's various IR receivers are in an area about 5' wide and 4' high (this includes the TV and all my equipment on the TV stand).  The IR LED would be approximately only 7-9' away but aimed at the equipment at about a 45 degree angle.  The link I attached above is a high power LED with a very wide angle of 140 degrees.  Has anyone every tried anything like this?  From an earlier post I created to Global Cache I learned that the WF2IR output is at 3.3V, and the blaster connector supplies in the neighborhood of 300-400mA which will decrease over time as signal is sent.

Another option I was thinking about was this 10mm LED at 40 degrees...


Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to spend money and time on various ones only to have them not work.

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