iLearn and Daikin air conditioner

I cannot get the system to capture the ir codes to turn this on and off.  I tried upping the lines, and there seems to be two problems with this, one is that it joins the pieces together and misses a comma so the code as pasted doesn't work directly.  The second is that the code, even when I add in commas, doesn't work correctly.


I tried ilearn version 2.4 as well and upped the gaps setting to 3, this also didn't work.  I cannot figure out how to get this to join together correctly, I suspect there needs to be a specific delay between the parts of the code, but I cannot figure out how to add them in or make it work.  Tried to get the air conditioner to respond for a couple of days now with no success.  Oh and when I use ilearn 2.4 I get an invalid pulse code error when I use iTest to try and send to the unit.


Any suggestions?





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