Faulty iTach IP2IR - or problems with Sydia TX-433 or Russound connecting block?

I've got two iTach IP2IR units. The first one works fine, with a mix of IR emitters on the iTach, and a Xantech 789-44 connecting block with more emitters. The iTach is plugged into the IR RCVR jack, and there's a Xantech 291-00 IR receiver connected to the 789-44's 'euroblock' terminal, as I need to be able to use a traditional remote control occasionally.

The second iTach was meant to be used with a Xantech 791-44 connecting block (with 10 emitter outputs), but after I connected the iTach the 791-44 simply ceased to work. This iTach has a Sydia TX-433 attached to one of the outputs. The TX-433 is a device for sending RF commands from the iRed app.

As the 791-44 didn't work, I tried a Russound SaphIR 857 connecting block instead. Contrary to the Xantech block, this works with the iTach plugged in — but it only seems to transmit commands from the attached Xantech 290 IR receiver; not from the iTach.

As the equipment from Xantech and Russound to my knowledge is interchangeable, I can't se what's the problem. The Russound block has two inputs: One ordinary, with 12VDC power, and one without the power. I use the latter for the iTach.

Also, the first iTach is powered from a USB port, while the second one is powered by the 'wall wart' provided by Global Caché.

Any experience with this, or thoughts about what the problem might be?


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