iLearn issues


I just purchased an IP2IR box and I am having issues with the iLearn software.

Setup: HP laptop w/ ethernet cable directly connected to IP2IR, single IR emitter connected to channel 1 and landed directly on IR receiver on Samsung HD TV. I am using iLearn version 2.5.

What works: I can learn IR commands by pressing buttons on my Samsung TV remote while its aimed towards the IP2IR box.

Main issue: If I try to send a learned IR command to the IP2IR box (via iLearn), the IR emitter blinks but the TV doesn't receive the command.

Troubleshooting: I've tried to connecting the IR emitter to different channels and re-sending IR commands (after updating the "Connector" field accordingly. Again, I can get the emitter to blink (which tells me that it is listening to my PC) but the TV does nothing. Note that the TV remote works poperly. It is able to control the TV which tells me that the IR codes that it is sending are correct.

I've also spent 1 hour trying out different learned commands, and experimenting with various iLearn parameters. First of all, some of the parameter names in the iLearn tutorial don't match the corresponding names in my current version of iLearn. This is very confusing. Also, the tutorial does a very poor job at explaining what these parameters do, and if they need to be changed or not. I think I understand the lines & new lines concept, but I don't understand why these are even exposed. The tool should simply line wrap whatever it needs to and forward all the IR lines in the large textbox. Something else that is weird is that sometimes when I send an IR command through iLearn, the large textbox is cleared! I also haven't had any success with the Trim button. Either it clears all the data in the large textbox, or it does nothing. I have no idea what the offset, and ending value parameters do... the tutorial's explanation just confused me more.

Thanks in advance and I hope you can help me out with this. 



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