iTach works for TV but not for Denon receiver or Fujitsu Multi-split

Hey everyone,


This is my first post so I want to apologize ahead of time for anything that makes me seem like a newbie...because I am, well with iTach at least.  I run an Insteon ISY with various controllers and programs doing all sorts of fun stuff.  I've also been through frustrations with multiple Harmony remotes only to in the end get where I wanted.


My issue here is as follows.  I just recently purchased an iTach WF2IR to eventually give me the ability to at least turn my living room multi-split Fujitsu unit on and/or off remotely through my Insteon system.  My initial goal is to just set up one or two commands and be able to test them just to let me knoiw if i'm on the right track.  Then I will attempt to integrate with Insteon and my ISY.


The iTach is setup and I can connect to it with iLearn.  At first, after learning an IR code and clicking "Send IR", nothing happened.  The red light in the emitter wouldn't even light up indicating a signal was being sent.  After reseting the iTach and reconfiguring it, signals seemed to be transmitting.  I further tested this by programming my TV on/off button and testing that, which worked (I used the TV as an example because from various research, it seems as though the IR codes for the mini-split units is a bit more intricate).  So the TV ON worked (seems as though off is a different code but same button).  I took it a step further and tried to learn my Denon 1912 Reveiver On button (just an on button).  iLearn picked up the code but when transmitted, the Denon receiver does nothing.  I tried the IR blaster and an emitter in various ports, still nothing.  I also tried learning the Fujitsu ON/OFF which it seemed to successfully do but again, during the test, the AC Unit has no change indicating that it at least sees some type of message coming it's way.


On a side note, I was able to learn the AC ON and OFF with my Harmony One remote (which does work).  I then tried to use the Harmony One with iLearn.  iLearn picked up the IR code but again, when "Sending" the code for a test, no response from the AC unit.


Does anyone have any suggestions or even better, if anyone has done this before with a mini-split unit, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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