Codes from iLearn are not working

After a long troubleshooting process of getting the wifi to IR connected to my network, i finally figured it out. I thought, hey, im almost done!

Not quite. Well, i downloaded the ilearn utility, and have started to learn codes. I thought the frustration was over. I configured the the third port for the IR blaster, and recorded the POWER button for my remote.

I then used the send IR button to test the code on the TV, it did not work, i then changed the port to 1, and attempted to send the code via an emitter, it did not work.

I figure there are only a few options that could be wrong. All the emitter/blasters are broken -- very unlikely.

The codes learned from ilearn are wrong

The codes are not being sent correctly (although the LED blinks each time a code is sent from i learn on the correct port designated in the code)


I am at my wits end with this device and am probably going to return it. It has been nothing but a headache thus far. And also, i dont know why on earth they would put something that is supposed to receive a signal next to the reset short circuit and then instruct people to put paperclips in the device to restart it when they could easily scratch the bulb. Which im thinking may be what happened to mine, i dont know. I am very frustrated with this product. But i dont see many other solution on the market so i guess i am stuck.



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