Matching Codes And Remotes

I have just set up my iTach (IP2IR) and I installed the demo version of mbhRemote on my Android tablet.  I know there are other applications out there, but some don't have demo versions and this was basically the first I came upon with a demo version.  One reason I picked it is because I saw that it could import codes from the Global Cache database.

I've been trying to test this with my DVR, which is for Verizon FiOS.  I have a HD DVR QIP 2716 and I had a remote for it that I'm pretty sure was one of the Philips remotes on this page (http://www22.verizon.com/Support/Residential/tv/fiostv/general+support/user+guides/user+guides.htm).  (It could have been the Verizon remote, and I don't know who makes that one.)  Unfortunately, at this point I can't find the original remote (I've been using an all-in-one IR remote for a few years).  (Also, the DVR looks like the one on that same page on the left.)

I went through all the Philips devices that were listed as "cable" or "dvr/vcr" on mbhRemote.  On each I tried sending a test code, either for the Info screen or the Channel Down button, and I didn't get a single activation from the buttons.  I've checked that I'm specifying the right module and channel and I see flashing from the indicator on the back of my iTach flash and I see flashing from the IR device itself.  I've even tried holding it at different angles to the DVR IR Receiver to get it to work.

At this point I don't know if I have the wrong codeset or if something else is going wrong.  (Maybe other config options on the program or something else?)

I also don't see any way to access the IR code database from the Global Cache site.  Is there a way to do this?  And is there any way to pick a codeset by picking an image of the remote so I know I'm at least getting the right codeset?

I don't mind switching programs, but would rather not buy one until I'm sure it'll work for me.  I also know if I have to, I can use iLearn and program one button at a time, but I'd really rather not have to go that route, since it's so tedious and time consuming.


Right now I'm a bit overwhelmed because I feel I'm looking at a number of things to deal with and I'm not sure just what to focus on first.  I can boil it down to a few questions:

1) Are there other ways to go through an IR code database and be sure I have the codeset for my remote?

2) Is there a better program that I can at least try out before I buy that'll help me make sure I have the right codes for the right remote?

3) Are there other IR code databases I should be looking at?


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