How to decode IR codes correctly?


I have to recognize IR codes, learned by iTach IP2IR, then compare them with codes in database and so on. As you know, codes learned from one device several times may be different. I wonder if there is any limit in the difference between measured codes (same device and same button of course)? E.g. Once, I recived from my remote controll on/off button code: 55000,22,340,24,156,23,92,23,157,23,157,23,92,23,156,23,156,23,157,23,157,23,156,23,157,23,157,23,156,24,156,23,157,23,157,23,1375

For the second time, I've used the same button and recived:

As you see, some values differ. So, can I be sure, e.g. that difference in values in codes above , will never be more than one, or two, or three and so on.

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