Not Sending IR Command?

Hey, so I decided to buy a Wifi iTach device after looking into controlling my Samsung TV (discrete on / off is all I need), Apple TV and possibly my Comcast box through IR with the RoomieRemote.app on iOS.

I had a weird issue trying to see the device and set it up, but overcame that.

Next was getting it setup via RoomieRemote and sending the IR signals. This is where I am stuck. No matter what I do, it is as if the iTach wont send an IR signal. On the box itself, I can see the LED light up and respond as if it should be doing something, but NONE of my devices will respond. (so I assume it isnt actually sending the IR command?).

The first time I set it up, I got it to work with my TV and send IR commands. It promptly stopped working after that. I've tried setting it up to control other equipment to check, and again, nothing.

Absolutely stumped here? Can anyone help?


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