WF2SL won't talk to sony projector

I have a Vpl-Ex7 sony projector that has serial comm for remote control.

I'm trying to send commands over iTest but it's not working.


Attached is the vpl-ex7 serial protocol and a 3rd party doc showing their cable to use with the ex7, which matches to what i read on the protocol doc (pin5 with pin5, pin2 with pin3 and pin3 with pin2).


I try to send the protocol example command A9 00 20 00 00 03 23 9A using literal or hex, but nothing happens.

iTest connects fine with iTach unit, when I send the command iTach's LED blink.

I also tried using the mixed mode sending \xA9\x00\x20\x00\x00\x03\x23\x9A and still nothing.


The iTach's comm setup is set to:

Multiple Ports: disabled

Baud Rate: 38400

Flow Control: none

Stop Bits: 1

Parity: even

Data Bits: 8

All errors are zero.


What am I missing?

Does iTach require more to the serial cable than the 3 pins used now?






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