Unable to Control Samsung Heat Pump

I got ahold of an G Cache WiFi I.R. mostly in the hope controlling my Samsung heat exchanger. It has what I would refer to as an "integrated" IR remote controller which is used to control the unit / adjust setpoints, etc. It also has a display on it as well. It is "stupid" enough though that if you took it to another room and changed the setpoint, it would show as changed on the remote but of course it has not really changed because the IR code did not actually reach it (I think each temp setpoint may be it's own code as opposed to just up and down). Anyways I digress...

I seem to be able to capture what I would "loosely" call a valid code (once every 5-6 tries and only on a few buttons)....but when I send it, the unit beeps, as it does when sent a command from the real remote, but does not actually do anything. i.e. send the power on/off code, but it neither powers up or down.....just beeps

I've captured and controlled my home entertainment system but no luck on this front. Can anyone point me in the right direction...what the frig are all the gap/module/connector etc settings used for (on the Cache). Is there any good reading out there ? Do I need codes directly from Samsung or something ?

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated !



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