Controlling Units via .BAT Files


Can anyone out there tell me if it is possible to send a command to an itcach using a command line, i.e. via a .bat file?  I'm assuming it is and could someone please show a real example of this as I'm certain I could reverse engineer to get what I have working....?  Here's what I'm wanting to do.... send IR commands to the itach via a .bat file.  I have the hex codes and they work fine using the itest, just need to be able to send via command line prompt.

I edited this post as I see someone else asked a similar question and I read the response.  The response given will not help me.  Again, I have my a/v automation running through custom bat files and I need to complete my setup by adding the itach control into it.  I currently control another device via my computer's rs232 port by using a simple command... "copy file.txt com3", surely it is possible to copy the hex codes to the itach similiarly?  Someone at Global Cache please help!  Seems to me if you could run the ITest program outside of its interface via a command prompt with /parameters that would work.

Much appreicated.


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