IP2IR: Controlling from a command line?

Hi there

This is sort of a pre-sales question. I hope somebody can advise me on the usage scenario I have in mind for the iTach device.

I need to control a Yamaha YRS sound projector via IR from a central location, triggered an application that runs on a Windows machine. The action to perform is Power On, select Input 2, and set the unit to a certain Volume level. Another action will be Power Off.

Since I'm a non-programmer, I'm not sure how to accomplish this in a simple way using the iTach API. I understand I can capture the IR commands from my original remote using the IR Learning feature. So far so good. But how can I "orchestrate" and play back the commands in a simple way, e.g. using a command line tool? Is there anything available from 3rd parties or do I have to create this from scratch?

Maybe I'm just missing something, so any hints are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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