IR code library

What I'm looking for here is a library where people can upload and share their learned (AND KNOWN TO BE WORKING) IR commands for different devices.  With Global Cache's editing ability, there's more than one setting that can be the difference between a working or nonworking IR signal.  Personally I'm having a problem learning and properly editing SONY TV commands, but also know that (through using iRule) there is code out there, somewhere, that reliably works.  While the IR commands work for iRule to my GC IP2IR, they can't be duplicated (they're hidden in iRule) for use by my Universal Devices ISY.  Surely there must be other's out there besides the people at iRule who know working codes for Sony TV, and hopefully this is the only device I'll have trouble learning commands for on my own, I only recently got my IP2IR, and haven't yet tried to learn all necessary codes.


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