Problem iLearn - Not Responding

Hi, i just started using iTach and GC-100-06 - but when i try to send my learned codes from the software iLearn by the button "Send IR" - it works just fine (in the case i was testing a receiver and most IR learneds worked fine) but after i sent the code to the itach/GC100-06 by the iLearn the program stoped working and i had to ctrl + alt + del to close it and open again, and again... every time i have to send ir to test by my local computer the iLearn crashes.


in fact it's worse to learn all codes, pass to my ipad by commandfusion and after that test the codes... some codes can't work, then i have to double work just to test codes... it's kinda frustrating.


PS. i tried using iLearn on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and Windows XP Professional - and every time the program crash.

Please, somone help me x.x


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