WF2IR: Problem attaching to my wifi network


I ordered the device from the US last month and finally recieved it here in the Netherlands after some wait time.

So I was happely looking forward to start working on it tonight.

However I am unable to connect it to my wifi netwerk. I tried every setting I can think of.

These are my router setting:

SSID: Kaoh_Lan
Interface: 802.11b/g
Band: 2.4Ghz
Channel: 8
Broadcast SSID: yes
Allow new clients: yes
Encryption: WPA-PSK
WPA-PSK version: WPA+WPA2

And then I have a key offcourse for the WPA.

Now can anyone tell me what the settings should be for the WF2IR to be able to connect?

I tried fixed IP adresses, DHCP, nothing works.

Is it the channel? since I am in europe we have another channel subset, maybe it can not handle that?

Please advise, sending and customs and taxes cost more then the device and I do not want to send it back :(
I am in need for such a device.


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