WF2IR: New iTach comments

I got my iTach WF2IR model today.  I had problems connecting to my network with security (I use WEP 128bit), but with security off, things went without a hitch.  And it works whether I use DHCP or a Static IP - just no security.

Once I got connected to my network, I could see the device listed in my router's client list, and I could browse to the iTach's internal website.  But, no matter what I tried, iHelp (3.5) would not list the device.

Undaunted, I downloaded iLearn (2.1) and was able to learn a couple of commands from a few different remotes.  I had an IR Blaster connected to port 3 and successfully sent the commands to the TV, Tuner and DVD player

I have to comment that the learning process is unbelievably difficult.  The software isn't bad, but the process of getting the iTach to "see" the remote in order to receive an IR command is very frustrating.  Finding the exact distance and angle between the iTach and the remote is almost an effort in futility.  I assume this is because the opening next to the power connector is so damned small - you have to get an exact sight line from the remote to the iTach, which is very difficult since we're dealing with an invisible beam!  I'm tempted to try and enlarge that hole!  Any suggestions for making this easier would be much appreciated.

I would LOVE to see the  iHelp and iLearn programs running on the Mac.  If an effort is underway, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand if I can.  If not, perhaps I can contact someone for an employment opportunity! :-)

Thanks for reading - suggestions and comments about anything I've written here are welcome. 

-- Brian


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