FAQ: Resetting a GC-100 to factory defaults


How do I reset my GC-100 to factory defaults?


Factory default settings for your GC-100 can be reset by electrically connecting pins 7 and 2 on the first serial connector (closest to the power connector) as you apply power to the GC-100.

As you look directly at the serial connector, pin 2 is the second pin from the left in the top row, and pin 7 is the second pin from the left in the bottom row.

The simplest way to connect these is to insert a flat bladed screwdriver between the two pins and rotate until both pins are touching the screwdriver.

DO NOT bend pins, as this may cause irreparable damage to your unit.

At this time, connect the power supply and IR indicator 1 will blink on momentarily, all the IR indicator lights will blink on momentarily, then all lights will go off. This indicates that your GC-100 has been set to its original factory defaults, including Configuration Lock, which defaults to disabled.

Depending upon the IR ports' individual states, the indicator light sequence may not occur as stated. If so, repeat the process a second time to assure that factory defaults have been restored.


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