FAQ: GC-100 error codes returned from Port 4998

The chart below provides a list of error messages returned by the GC-100 from port 4998 and the explanation of each message.


Error Message
unknowncommand, 1 Time out occurred because carriage return <CR> not received. The request was not processed.
unknowncommand, 2 Invalid module address (module does not exist) received when attempting to ascertain the version number (getversion).
unknowncommand, 3 Invalid module address (module does not exist).
unknowncommand, 4 Invalid connector address
unknowncommand, 5 Connector address 1 is set up as ”sensor in” when attempting to send an IR command.
unknowncommand, 6 Connector address 2 is set up as ”sensor in” when attempting to send an IR command.
unknowncommand, 7 Connector address 3 is set up as "sensor in" when attempting to send an IR command.
unknowncommand, 8 Offset is set to an even transition number, but should be set to an odd transition number in the IR command.
unknowncommand, 9 Number of maximum transitions exceeded (256 total on/off transitions allowed).
unknowncommand, 10 Number of transitions in the IR command is not even (the same number of on and off transitions is required).
unknowncommand, 11 Contact closure command sent to a module that is not a relay.
unknowncommand, 12 Missing carriage return. All commands must end with a carriage return.
unknowncommand, 13 State requested of an invalid connector or the IR connector is programmed as IR out and not sensor in.
unknowncommand, 14 Command sent to the unit is not supported by the GC-100.
unknowncommand, 15 Maximum number of IR transitions exceeded. (SM_IR_INPROCESS)
unknowncommand, 16 Invalid number of IR transitions (must be an even number).
unknowncommand, 21 Attempted to send an IR command to a non-IR module..



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