FAQ: Are there any limitations on the number of TCP client connections to the GC-100?


On the GC-100-12, is there any limitation on the number of TCP Client connections to the unit? I need to make multiple TCP Client connections to the GC-100, either in multiple threads or separate apps.



The GC-100s support one connection per Port number. The GC-100-12 will have Ports 4998 (relay/IR/Sensors), 4999 (first serial connector), and Port 5000 (second serial connector) available. This is appropriate for a serial connection since it is a point-to-point protocol. With regards to Port 4998, the best way is to Open and then Close the Port (after receipt of the response) to allow other Hosts to use the GC-100. For example this is required to ensure a complete IR signal is sent. If another IR command is
sent before the current IR command is completed, it will be truncated to allow the newer IR signal to be sent. A "CompleteIR" response must be received by the Host to ensure the IR signal has been sent correctly.

Another issue to be aware of is to avoid half-open connections. The GC-100 will accept other Host connections (allow the  connection to be stolen) if there has been NO communications for the last 10 seconds. This avoids having to reset the box in an unlikely situation of a half-open connection.


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