FAQ: Is the GC-100 DHCP compatible?


Is the GC-100 compatible with DHCP network address assignment?



All GC-100 models with firmware version 3.0 and above are DHCP compatible, and will automatically obtain an IP address if a DHCP server is available on the network. If a DHCP server is not available, the unit's IP address will be the default IP This is also the case when directly connecting the GC-100 to a PC using a crossover cable. (Note: the IP address will change once DHCP is available unless the IP address is set to STATIC.) When using DHCP or Static IP addressing, all the networked Global Caché hardware can be found using our iHelp discovery utility. This and other utilities are located at www.globalcache.com/downloads. After applying power, the GC-100 will transmit a UDP identification beacon within 3 seconds and approximately every minute thereafter. Therefore, allow at least one minute for iHelp to discover all the Global Caché hardware on your network. The information displayed by iHelp is the unit's MAC address (which is located on the bottom of each unit), IP address, model name, and firmware version. The GC-100 beacon is compatible with AMX discovery protocols and may be used in an AMX environment directly. iHelp allows for a simple double click to open the embedded web configuration pages.


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