FAQ: GC-100 RS232 to RS232 link


I have a GC-100 network adapter that I want to use to connect the RS232 ports from PC #1 at site A and PC #2 at site B. I do have a network link between site A and B. My need is that from PC #1 I have to send a control command (from my legacy application) down to PC#2 using exclusively the RS232 ports at both sites. Locally, both PCs communicate all right when I connect the RS232 ports with a 3mts length RS232 cable. Also confirm that I need TWO GC-100s, one for each site. Or, is there another way to accomplish my requirement?



You can provide a serial connector anywhere on the network with the GC-100. So if you want to avoid running long serial cables, you would use two GC-100s. Note, if your application only works with serial connections (not network), you'll need a piece of software called a "Serial Redirector." This software will provide virtual connections located on the network. The link below will  take you to the FAQ regarding free GC compatible serial redirection software.



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