GC-100 drops off network

I have two GC-100s that have been fine for 2 years however a replacement of the router has disturbed them. Upon reconnecting the GC's they will not stay on the network longer than 2-10 mins. I have reset them multiple times and can connect to them on a single closed network with my laptop however when connected to the new and/or old router they will not stay connected for long. I can not ping them and consequently I can not access their web ip addresses.

They have been brought on to the same subnet as the router after reset using a static ip. I have reserved the ip address in the router and also ensured they do not fall in the DHCP range of the router. Have also tried the default of just using DHCP to assign it the address in the subnet. No luck.

There is no firewall on the router (if there was it would be blocked straight away).

Has anyone come across any unusual behaviour like this. I don't know if they are faulty as I can access them on a closed network but why would they be not holding their ip address on the LAN??

My concern is that they are not successfully transmitting their packets every minute to the router. The router ports are showing amber suggesting that 10mb speed is only being achieved at best.

GC-100 firmware 3.2-06


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