Using GC-100 RS-232 port to control lighting dimmer by using iphone apps(commandfusion- i viewer)



I have problems here, I want to use an iphone apps (commandfusion - i viewer) to control my lighting dimmer by using RS232, I got the GC-100 for the test. I connect the port 4999 to the remote dimmer and port 4998 to my router. I have the set of hex to power on/off the lighting dimmer

0x02 0xFF 0x40 0x0D (power on)

0x02 0xFF 0x00 0x0D (power off)

I write the command value in commandfusion like\x02\xFF\x40\x0D

But it seems doesn’t work.

After that, I use Itest to try text some hex to GC-100,like 02 FF 40 0D but it responses unknowcommand 14. I suppose that should be directly text the hex out. But obviously not. For my question, how can I actually send hex correctly from port 4998 to port 4999. Is there any command structure required?




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