Using GC-IRE and RG1 as an IR receiver


I have recently purchased the GC-100-6, the GC-IRE and the GC-RG1.

The intention behind these purchases was to enable my remote control to trigger a sequence of events via a software package (CQC).

However, the software is unable to recognize the IR code being sent because - as demonstrated via the iTest utility - the GC-RG1/IRE seems to be capturing a different code each time I press the button (I have tried up to 50 times without getting a repeated code. I have also tried 3 different remotes).

I have done some searching on the web, and it seems a lot of people have this problem, with some saying they could never get the GC receiver to work, yet when changing to UIRT, it works perfectly.  According to a lot of people out there, it seems that there is a very low chance of the IRE/RG1 combo working, which is a bit upsetting to hear as the two items cost me over £130 which is an awful lot money for something that doesn't work.

I purchased all 3 units from CyberSelect.co.uk. (BTW I am happy with the GC-100-6 unit in terms of IR out).

Can anyone help me get the IRE/RG1 working, and if not, will I be able to return the items for a refund? (CyberSelect will not refund items which are not defective, and which are not untouched, ie where the packaging has been removed.)







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