GC-100 / DigiLinX CL-100 TCP/IP / Newbie ??

I am using a CG-100-18R to turn off / on / input commands of 6 TV's.

I will be using balun at rack and then IR emitter at TV end.

I have the unit at home right now testing.

I am also using a CL100 to send TCP/IP commands to the GC-100.

Trying to test with a rec for now... just using iconvert, itest... I do not have any learning device... want to just use hex codes convert and then store them in the GC-100.  Then use the TCP command to have the GC-100 fire out the commands. 



What is the <mod-addr>

What is the <conn-addr>

repeatcount I get..

using the forum I see another person had:


Why the <2>? why not which is the IP address of the GC-100

:1 is the IR output number?



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