GC-100 & SnapAV IRF-1/IRF-2 Flashers

In reading through the support messages, it appeared that the IR flashers should work fine.

My experience is suggesting otherwise.

To date, I've attempted to use the IR flashers on a radio, TV,  & Blue Ray player.  None of the three have responded on any attempt.

I've got a GC-IRL coupled with a GC-100.  Using the supporting programs, I've been able to record the IR signals for all three remotes.  When I try to send the signals back to the IR flashers, the visible light flashes on the emitter, but nothing is seen by the device.  As a test, I've pointed the IR emitter at the GC-IRL and when I sent a signal the "activity" light on the IRL never flashed.  This leads me to assume an IR signal isn't getting sent.  I've tested with three different (new) flashers and none have worked.  The probability that all three have defective IR emitters seems low enough that my assumption is: a) I'm doing something wrong; or b) the SnapAV flashers are not compatible with the GC-100; or c) my GC-100 is defective.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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