Terminal Software Crashing w/GC-100

I'm using PuTTY to interface with my GC-100, and I'm successfully issuing basic commands (i.e. getdevices, setstate, version, etc.) However, after a few minutes, PuTTY crashes, and I have to relaunch and reconnect.  One interesting observation: after every command, I get error code 14.  So it seems that something extra is being sent with my commands.  I also notice that I have to send the SETSTATE twice to a relay port before it actuates, and then works fine (i.e. turns on and off by command) until the software crashes. 

I tried iTest.exe with similar results.  After a few minutes of successful interaction with the unit, I lose connection.  Sometimes the software crashes, but usually, I have to "disconnect" and "reconnect."

So long story short:

1.) Does anyone recongize the issue I'm having?   I suspect I have a PuTTY setting conflict, but I haven't been able to isolate it.

2.) Does anyone know why my connection seems to "time out?"







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