Wisetech WC-8801 IR Commands

Hello,  I have learned the codes from the remote for my Wisetech motorized drapery controller to my Pronto and have been using them successfully for years. I'm trying to set up control of this via the GC100, but without success.

I even re-learned the IR code to the pronto multiple times to ensure it's the correct code, not duplicated, etc:

0000 006C 000C 0002 0159 009C 001B 003B 001B 0016 001B 0016 001B 0016 001B 003B 001B 0016 001B 003B 001B 0016 001B 0016 001B 003B 001B 003B 001B 003B 001B 0016

Running this through the iConvert application, I'm given: sendir,<mod-addr>:<conn-addr>,1,38000,<repeatcount>,1,345,156,27,59,27,22,27,22,27,22,27,59,27,22,27,59,27,22,27,22,27,59,27,59,27,59,27,22

Which I change to: sendir,2:1,1,38000,1,1,345,156,27,59,27,22,27,22,27,22,27,59,27,22,27,59,27,22,27,22,27,59,27,59,27,59,27,22

When sending this command, the drapery motor starts and stops immediately. I know it's seeing SOMETHING, but obviously, not the right thing.  There are three codes, Open, Close and Stop. 

I'm assuming this is some sort of IR sequence issue, but how do I troubleshoot this?  When the pronto sends the original hex code, the drapes respond perfectly. 



PS: Serial control of my Denon AVR via my ISY-994IR is awesome! My Insteon KeyPadLinc can now control the receiver quite reliably.


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